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Strucutral Drafting Sydney

Hamilton By Design, providing the construction industry with the highest levels of structural Drafting metalwork since 1992.

Hamilton By Design are a technical team of experienced experts, highly skilled in Computer Aided Design Services for the construction industry, and are one of a few companies in Australia that provide Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services for structural steelwork and architectural metalwork. 

Strucutral Detailing Sydney

Services at Hamilton By Design range from design consultancy to detailed drawings, and 3D (BIM) Modelling and we are well placed to ensure that designs are translated into cost effective production and installation processes for all Architectural Metalwork, Structural and Secondary Steelwork projects.

Our team are passionate about what they do

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Structural Detailing

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Structural 2D Drafting Services

Structural 2D Drafting Services

We offer high precision Structural Design and drafting Services. Our team are totally Australian trained to the Australian Standards in terms of Structural Drafting / Detailing.

We offer Preliminary, Conceptual and Detailed services in the areas of Structural Engineering, Structural Design and Structural 3D Modeling. Our endeavor is to maintain high and exceptional quality standards.. Our team includes qualified Detailers / fabricators with extensive experience in a range of areas in Structural 2D Drafting & detailing and 3-D Structural designing and detailing services.

We undertake projects at all levels of Structural engineering & design beginning from small buildings, large scale industrial detailing & modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation. This includes services such as Structural 2D Drafting & detailing, Structural designing and Structural 3d modeling services.

Structural Drafting Services Sydney

Structural Designing Services
 Hamilton By Design offer a complete service ensuring that your structures go together first time every time. We don’t outsource our drafting work to cheap $1 per day 3rd world countries yet we have on more than one occasion assisted in getting drafting services project off the critical path. We offer a professional service and charge Australia Professional rates.

Hamilton By Design have engaging in many projects across Asia where our clients prefer project to go together first time ensuring project deadlines are met on time and in budget

Our Structural Designing Service includes structures such as:

  • High Rise Structures – RCC, Steel, Composite structures, Prefabricated building systems etc.
  • Industrial Structures - Industrial Sheds, Plants, Stacks etc.
  • Commercial Structures - Buildings, Theatres, Warehouses etc.
  • Residential Structures - Wooden structures, Condos, Villas and more

Structural 2D Drafting and detailing services:
 We offer Structural 2D Drafting & detailing services to our clients globally. We can well accept any format of input to work on your project, such as, drawing files (dwg, dwf, dxf) images in different format (JPEG, PDF, TIFF etc). We also provide output in the desired format to our valued clients. Our Structural 2D Drafting & Detailing Services include expertise in following areas:

  • Foundation plans and drawings
  • Structural layouts
  • Reinforced concrete design and detailing
  • R.C.C. beam framing and drawings for special structure like water retaining structures
  • Structural Joist details and reinforcement detailing
  • Fabrication Shop Drawing.
  • Steel detailing and Fabrication

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Structural Drafting: STRUCTURAL DRAFTING

Structural Drafting: STRUCTURAL DRAFTING: STRUCTURAL DRAFTING At Hamilton By Design our Structural Drafting Service can support people and organizations involved in infrastr...



At Hamilton By Design our Structural Drafting Service can support people and organizations involved in infrastructure development activities in fields such as structures, highways, bridges, water treatment plants, and distribution systems. Based on architectural design documents, we provide innovative and effective solutions to all Structural Drafting engineering problems. We are involved in a variety of structural design and structural drafting projects in a number of traditional as well as advanced engineering practices with the help of CAD Drafting. We design various types and sizes of structures for industrial, commercial, and institutional purposes.

Basic and detailed engineering drawings, structural steel, structural engineering calculations, fabrication drawings etc. are some of the services we provide to our customers. We also provide drawings such as steel shapes and beams, structural stairs utility, structural ladders utility, structural hand railing, structural bracing, beam-to-beam connections etc. These drawings can be easily converted for the structural drafting purpose.

Our greatest asset is the highly skilled designers, structural draftsmen and analysers working in our organization. We also provide you with the advantage of contract drafting wherein we offer you with the services on a contract basis with the least cost involved. The final drafting design and drafting drawing is such that it will be highly appealing to the concept decided between both the parties.

Strucutral Drafting Sydney


We offer structural engineering design for a diverse set of residential, commercial, government as well as industrial purposes. Now the contractors and engineers depend heavily on Computer Aided Design as primary tool to make structural CAD designs fast, efficient and competitive. As we are involved in a variety of designing projects in traditional as well as advanced engineering practices, we have a vast knowledge in this field. We offer accurate, innovative and cost effective designing solutions.

Our CAD designs are among the best which is possible only from CAD technology. We design tanks, bunkers, silos and hoppers, pressure vessels, bridges and tunnels, industrial buildings and structures, de-mountable and transportable structures, workshops and factory sheds, gas and liquid pipelines and pipe racks, offshore platforms etc.

Strucutral Drafting Central Coast


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Structural Drafting: Structural Drafting | Sydney

Structural Drafting: Structural Drafting | Sydney:  Structural Drafting | Sydney  Structural Drafting Services The team at Hamilton By Design offer accurate, clear and concise s...

Structural Drafting | Sydney

 Structural Drafting | Sydney

 Structural Drafting Services

The team at Hamilton By Design offer accurate, clear and concise structural drafting services.  Our Structural drafting services offer a range of options when it comes to communicating structural information to clients, fabricators, building contractors and architects. Hamilton By Design will ensure that ever stakeholder is on the same page.

Structural Drafting is our forte

Hamilton By Design are committed to ensuring you receive high-quality structural drafting and structural steel design services at lower costs and within your time constraints including design engineering, by our trusted sub consultant working drawings through to fabrication drawings.

Our company offers flexibility in terms of input and output formats, fast turn-around, and customised project services management and delivery. We use leading-edge structural drafting software and our experienced design team is backed by competent and reliable engineers. This allows us to manage the design of your project from concept to completion.

At Hamilton By Design repeat business or rate of returning customers is around 75% when it comes to Architect, Engineers and Fabricators. Our client base trusts us because we have delivered this kind of precision time and time again, through our structural designs of diverse projects.

For Structural Drafting that goes together first time everytime

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